This policy statement provides information on the obligations, practices and policies of Blitz Fun Sdn Bhd in relation to data protection and data privacy.

Épique+, and their associates, jointly controlled entities and affiliates. respects the privacy of individuals with regard to their personal data. This personal data and privacy policy is formulated in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 of Malaysia (“Act”). For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, “we” shall refer to any of the companies within the Group.

By providing any of your Personal Data, we hereby agree to not sell, share or trade customers’ personal information collected offline and online with any third parties. Personal information collected will only be disclosed within our group and to third parties for the purposes for which it was collected, as authorized and consented by you.

Collection of Personal Information

For the purpose of carrying on the Company's business, including registration and administration of the Company's related products and services (including relevant online services) including for the purpose of which is relevant to support or assist in the Company, you may be requested to provide personal information such as, but not limited to, the following,

  1. Your name;
  2. Personal Identification (I/C or Passport) ;
  3. Correspondence address, and/or billing address;
  4. Payment details, including credit card and banking information; and
  5. Contact details, including contact name and telephone number or email address

Your Personal Data will be retained by the Company as long as necessary for the fulfilment of the purposes and the Company may engage other companies or individuals to whom disclosure of the data is necessary to assist us in providing our services, or to provide certain services such as analyzing customer lists, providing marketing assistance or other third-party consulting services. These third parties may have access to information provided to perform their function but shall not make commercial use or other purposes of the same.

In some instances, you may also be requested to provide certain data that may be used to further improve our products and services and/or better tailor the type of information presented to you. In most cases, this type of data is optional although, where the requested service is a personalized service, or provision of a product or dependent on your providing all requested data which the Company shall not disclose for purpose other than carrying company’s operation, which failure to provide the requested data may prevent us from providing the service to you. This type of data includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Your age;
  2. Gender;
  3. Salary range and employment details;
  4. Education and Profession;
  5. Hobbies and leisure activities;
  6. Other related products and services subscribed to; and
  7. Family and household demographics.

Verification and Accuracy of Personal Information

Customers who provide the Company with personal information will be asked to confirm that their personal information provided is accurate.

In addition, the Company will endeavor to verify information provided using generally accepted practices and guidelines, which includes checking the information provided against pre-existing information held by the Company. In some cases, the Company will request to see original documentation in relation to personal information such as personal identification cards.

Access and Correction of Personal Information

Our Customers have the right to:

  1. Check whether the Company holds any personal information relating to them and, if so, obtain copies of such data;
  2. Require the Company to correct any personal information relating to them which is inaccurate or incomplete for the purpose for which it is being used.

Storage, Security and Retention of Personal Information

The Company endeavors to take all reasonable steps to keep secure any personal information. These include physical measures such as storing in locked areas or containers customer information which are contained in physical hardcopy documents, and technological measures such as ensuring that digital information is stored on secure servers. For Indonesia-related electronic transactions, the relevant data will be stored within Indonesia.

Computer information is stored on computer systems and storage media to which access is strictly controlled and/or are located within restricted areas. Access to records and information without appropriate authorization is strictly prohibited and access to such personal information is only on a need-to-know basis.

Disclosure of Personal Information

All personal information held by the Company will be kept confidential but the Company shall not disclose and/or unless such disclosure is necessary to satisfy the purpose(s), or reasonably related purpose(s) for which such information was collected, provide such information to the following parties:

  1. Any person or company who is acting for or on behalf of the Company, or jointly with the Company, in respect of the purpose(s) or reasonably related purpose(s) for which such data was provided.
  2. Any other person or company who has undertaken to provide a comparable standard of protection as that provided by the Company with respect to such information, provided such person or company has a legitimate right to such information.
  3. Any financial institutions, charge or credit card issuing companies, credit information or reference bureaux, or collection agencies necessary to establish and support the payment of any services being requested.
  4. Personal information may also be disclosed to any person or persons that have a right under any applicable law to gain access to such information provided they are able to prove their authority to access such information.

Direct Marketing

The Company will only send promotional and other direct marketing materials in accordance with all applicable laws. Customers can withdraw consent to receiving marketing materials via notifying the Company.

Changes to the Policy

Épique+ reserves the right to change and/or modify the Privacy Policy at time to time. As the policy will be uploaded onto our website, you should check this policy from time to time as to be aware of the most recent applicable policy.

Should you have any questions or concerns about this policy, email